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THR Therapy in Weston, What is a Physical Therapy? Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that includes the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of individuals with limitations in functional mobility. It essentially provides primary care by making use of certain movements and mechanical forces on the affected areas of the body. Physiotherapy strives to increase mobility and motor movements, reduce impairments, and to improve the overall quality of life in patients. From neonatal to the geriatrics, patients of all ages can make use of the healing techniques of physiotherapy. We have qualified physical therapists, who are professionals licensed by the state in which they work. They are trained to assess your condition and help you regain maximal functional mobility and independence. Whether it is a lingering back pain, a frozen shoulder, or a sports injury that you are looking to recover from, you can now get treated in the comfort zone of our rehab center, by certified, specialised and experienced physiotherapists. Physical therapy has definitely come a long way from the very first documented account of the master of medicine himself, Hippocrates, to advanced electronic and scientific physio treatments. The profession has branched out and diversified immensely over the last two decades, and now encompasses practices like cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy, community physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, physical therapy for skin, and orthopedic physical therapy. We have specialize team who are dedicated to helping patients reduce pain, improve mobility, restore function, and regain quality of life. Since its inception in 2005, Physical One aspires to offer services focused on its most important aspect the patient.

Physical Therapy Center in Weston provides a beautiful and comfortable State-of-the-Art facility, the most up-to-date hands-on techniques, and advanced medical and information technologies. All talented, dedicated and compassionate staff to help put it all together and provide the ultimate in outpatient physiotherapy.

THR Therapy Center in Weston

THR Therapy Center in Weston

Our patients enjoy the pleasant setting and personal service we offer at our THR Therapy Center in Weston and the outstanding results we deliver. We take pride in offering a balanced combination of traditional care and personal touch with the finest techniques and most advanced medical and information technologies.

Benefits from Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy helps manage pain
  • Physical Therapy can help avoid surgery
  • Physical Therapy can prevent injuries
  • Physical Therapy improves mobility and balance
  • PT can also help to tackle general health issues
  • Physical Therapy can help you recover from a stroke
  • PT can help manage age related issues
  • Physical Therapy can help maximize your movement
  • PT can help avoid dependance in pain medication
  • Physical Therapy can help manage heart and lung disease
  • Physical Therapy can help manage diabetes and vascular conditions
  • Physical Therapy can help regain original capabilties

Physical One is a leader in outpatient physiotherapy services. The below conditions are treated at Physical Therapy Center in Weston –

  • Joint Disorders and Replacement
  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Amputation and Phantom Pain
  • Ankle and Foot Conditions
  • Arthritic and Joint Pain
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Balance Impairment
  • Multiple Trauma
  • Neurological Conditions