Physiotherapy Sunrise

Physiotherapy Sunrise improves the quality of life and movement by promoting functional ability and mobility. Specialized clinical skills and in-depth knowledge are used to diagnose and treat any illness or disability. A patient undergoes a series of examination, diagnosis, evaluation, and prevention during his treatment.

Physiotherapy Sunrise helps their patient regain joint range, flexibility, and muscle power. From minor injuries like sprains and strains to chronic back pain and posture issues, we got all this covered. Physiotherapy treatment improves the functioning of the body, including movements.

Physiotherapy SunrisePhysiotherapy Sunrise

Physiotherapy Sunrise

Physiotherapy Sunrise improves the range of the motion that improves the quality of life and helps the patient gain independence. Our treatment produces fast recovery because of its specific tailored treatment plans for every individual.

With physiotherapy, several conditions like an overdose, insomnia, addiction, and depression can be controlled. Below programs are offered by us:

  • Spine Program
  • Pain Management Program
  • Joint Replacement Program
  • Balance and Vestibular Program
  • Medical Massage
  • Wellness & Fitness Classes
  • Wellness Yoga


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