Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Broward County

Physical One is a fully equipped rehabilitation and wellness center serving Broward County, Florida community since 2005. We offer comprehensive one on one physical therapy for patients recovering from injury or illness. Our facility promotes our vision to provide outstanding, competent care.

We offer individualized physical therapy, post-rehabilitation programs, injury prevention and wellness services that will optimize your performance, provide you with healing energy, alleviate your pain, and restore the movements which will allow you to enjoy your personal life journey.


Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Broward County

Physical Therapy and Wellness center in Broward County

Our wellness program offers staff-driven, supervised fitness programming for individuals from every aspect of our community and from varying age groups. Our wellness staff come from exercise physiology, personal training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition backgrounds and are well equipped to meet your needs.

We offer competitive and affordable pricing for our business center. Receive excellent care for all of your orthopedic manually-based physical therapy needs from our expertly trained staff members! Contact us today to schedule your personalized program with one of our experienced staff members!