Knee Pain Therapy in Weston

The key in the rehabilitation of the knee pain therapy in weston is a correct bio mechanical analysis of your kinetic chain. An exercise regimen performed at the proper angles and positions.

Prescribed activities help to avoid further irritation of the joint and yet strengthening the weak elements. If you suffer from the knee pain, it does not mean that you need to halt your physical activities. Knee Pain Therapy in Weston have the tools and knowledge to get you ‘back in the game”.


Knee Pain Therapy in Weston

Knee Pain Therapy in Weston

Knee pain is one of the most common conditions our therapists treat in our clinics. Our therapists know how to take care of a variety of injuries and conditions for people of all ages.

Early intervention of knee pain therapy will improve your quality of life, mobility, and prevent loss of muscle strength and instability. There are two categories that a knee injury can fall into: acute / traumatic and chronic / repetitive stress.

Acute injuries are when the incidents occur immediately, like a fall, car accident, landing in a strange way, twisting/pivoting quickly, etc. Many sports injuries, especially sprains and strains, fall under this category.

Chronic injuries are caused by repetitive stress over a long period time. Poor posture and/or body mechanics can play a major role in chronic conditions. Knee Pain Therapy in Weston can be very beneficial in correcting these issues.